Presentations required in various business situations, from introduction of company services to in-house meetings. Recently, globalization has progressed, and there are more and more opportunities for presentations in English.
However, there are many people who say, "I am not good at presentations in Japanese ..." or "I am not confident in English ..." We are here to help you become confident at presenting in front of people.

Are you good at presentations?


Good at presenting


Not confident

Not so good at presenting


Are you good at making presentation materials?


Good at making materials


Not confident

Not good at making materials


But in fact, giving presentations are not difficult if you get the hang of it!
First, prepare for the presentation then practice practice practice!


Clarify the purpose of the presentation

Understand the listener


Think about what to say and how to create a presentation script


Create presentation materials


Practice body language and pronunciation repeatedly for a more effective presentation


Leafy Learn will help you from step1.
In addition, native instructors will advise you on natural scenarios such as body language and wording peculiar to presentations!

Course introduction

Normal presentation course (4 times, 3 hours each)

[Part 1] About the structure of a presentation that clarifies the purpose and idea

[Part 2] About detailed analysis of contents

[3] Presentation speed, loudness, pronunciation and body language

[4] How to create effective slides for your presentation

Lecturer introduction

Tam Young

A native English speaker who has been teaching in Japan for 14 years.

While running a language school in Nagoya, he teaches English presentations to universities, companies and individuals.

● Lecturer at PP (Poster Presentation) at NGK (NGK).

● Preparation for SXSW presentation lecturer at Nagoya University.

● Lecturer of presentation for university lecturers and educators at Nagoya City University.


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